• Online Gentle Hatha Yoga Classes

    From March 22nd

    Every Tuesday evening 7pm



  • The Yogic Path

    The Journey of many lifetimes


    Finola is trained in many yoga styles are available for beginners

    Hatha, Yin, Aerial and Vinyasa styles


    In total acceptance

    "I am not this body, I am not this mind"

    You are infinite and beyond this constructs, far greater.

    Yoga is a path to Enlightenment

    Silent Witness Within

    Yoga is a path for Warriors Celebrating Adversaries

    Yoga is your path to Freedom For Freedom is a state of mind

    Free from Mind Free from Thought Oneness with God.

    Finola's Yogic Journey

    Finola has been practising yoga for many years, as far back as childhood with the help of illustrated yoga book with my Mum brought back from America in the 1970's. Beginning a weekly class in Rathmines in Dublin from my mid-twenties and have never looked back. Have experienced many styles, teachers and experiences.


    Went on to train to become an instructor in 2013 in Sivananda Ashram Neyyar Dam, Kerala South India which was a life changing experience and brought me very deeply into the yogic way of being. Completed advanced Sivananda style in the Bahamas in 2018. As the love for yoga kept growing I did an aerial and yin yogic teacher training course in Goa 2019 and loved Goa so much went back to the same place Feb 2020 to complete a multi style yoga teacher training in hatha, vinyasa, ashtanga, yin, aerial and principles of ayurveda.


    One may think that would be enough training however this journey never ends, that is the beauty of yoga.

    I've been very blessed to spend some time with an Osho disciple and practice some Osho meditations.

    I'm really looking forward to guiding students who wish to experience and explore yoga in all its forms.

    Thoroughly enjoy the whole yogic lifestyle, the food, the bhakti dedication, the jnana knowledge and pushing my own boundaries of both body and mind.

    Life is good ॐ


    Sensational Goa

    Abundance in every area

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