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    Due to the radioactive graphene oxide montaulk morgellons ai in the injections, appointments are limited to the non injected at this time. Allowances made for those on
    Ivermectin, Zinc, NAC & Chlorine Dioxide.
    Welcome to call for advise, happy to help 😃
    087 364 1540 (texts answered quicker)

    Skype Sessions Available

  • Treatments

    Finola is an experienced Systematic Kinesiologist relieving people's health issues for almost 10 years.

    Using manual adjustments for back issues or injuries

    Advising herbal and natural remedies

    Testing for toxins, advising on lifestyle remedies

    Re balancing the body

    Helping alternatives

    An experienced Yogi, Energy Healer, Shamanic practitioner and lover of crystals and healing technologies, many options for your healing journey. Photon Light Therapy is available which has very profound feel good effects.


    Finola integrates the experience of Integrated Energy Therapy with Shamanic healing to clear heavy energies and restore light. IET attunements are available to connect into the higher frequencies connected with Angelic beings. Aura cleansing, chakra balancing, life affirming warmth. These can be done from a distance also.

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    Would you like to connect with Finola

    on a healing journey to improve your health?

    Herbs to cleanse, supplements to support

    Best foods to nourish your body

    Best thoughts to nourish your mind

    Discovering paths to improve Spiritual Awareness

  • Alternative Health News

    Keep up to date with the latest health news.

    Supplement information, healing tips and videos

    Finola's Healing Travel Adventures

  • Raising the Frequency

    Integrated Energy Attunements

    Integrated Energy Attunements

    Attune to your highest wisdom with the guidance of Arch Angel Ariel.

    Attunements are likened to tuning in a radio. A shuttle direct to your higher wisdom, therefore your inner voice of intuition becomes louder. Your gut instinct and feeling becomes stronger. The attunements are done with the intention of Angelic Protection. Raising your frequency so that you may transcend lower vibrations. Rise above with a stronger connection to source.

    Contact Finola on 0873641540

    Those who have already done IET energy healing courses may really appreciate the boost of connection to source and their own true essence, Pure Light.

    These attunements can be done in person or remotely and are done in a PWYC option. Pay What You Can. This allows energy to flow ............offerings via paypal, revolut, cash or xrp.

    Please note: in person is only available for the non injected because the energy from the contents are so discordant - the energy can be neutralised remotely and with the help of ivermectin, nac and zinc. For anyone caught in this position please send me a message with your name and I will send Angelic Healing Energy for you. Blessings 💗💗💗
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    Detox Bath Blend

    Detox Bath Blend

    This blend has been created specifically by Finola for modern toxins. It helps clear toxic energies from your energy field, clears psychic energy, draws out toxins and relaxes your muscles. The herbs used are Rosemary, Sage and Lavender with essential oils such a pine needle, frankincense and other detoxing uplifting oils. Each bag is 1 kilo and ought to do 4 to 5 baths, do add your favourite bubble bath in a bath as hot as you can for as long as you can.

    Price includes postage to anywhere on island of ireland
    For over seas or pick up please contact Finola directly finola@grangevillehouse.com
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    Learn Basic Muscle Testing

    Learn Basic Muscle Testing

    Learn how to perform a basic muscle test.
    Finola has almost 10 years experience in Kinesiology and has developed a simple course to show you how to use a muscle test to gain answers from the body. Does this colour dress suit you? How about the lipstick? Is there a product your using that are causing negative effects? Test foods and products for compatibility.

    Beginning with some easy energetic exercises to get yourself in balance and how to relieve stress for a friend or family member. This course comes with a test kit selected from Finola's experience of most common health issues. May also be used for testing animals.

    It is ideal to do this course with at least 2 people for the experience of muscle testing however can be done privately
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    Finola has recently began a new Podcast show, available on spotify.

    bringing you the latest health information, interesting conversations and interviews.

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    Standing Strong in the Light of Truth

    Mark Steele 5G Fethard Frequency

    The Fethard Frequency

    Finola interviews Military weapons expert Mark Steele on the effects of 5G and how it is being brought to every village and town in Ireland. It is used in conjunction with the injection to cause maximum harm. The people are completely unaware of the effect its going to have. Filmed June 2020

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    John Waters Interview Ireland Apocalypse

    John Waters Predictions

    Finola interviews John Waters in June 2020 who gives a grim view of how fast we are being pulled down the hole of a totalitarian nightmare. I was hopeful of another ending, I doubt any of us realised how many would be tricked into adjusting their own DNA because they were told to.

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