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    Post Viral Bacterial Element

    Some observations of post viral infections

    Viruses can have a lasting effect on the body's immune system and can come with co-infections or responses to the viruses which cause issues. In June 2020 its noted that bacterial infections in the digestive tract and kidneys are being reported as are iron, blood related issues and blood pressure problems

    Kidney thump

    2 techniques to improve you kidney function

    The first technique is from Chi Gong, walking backwards whilst thumping the kidneys improves the circulation and opens a communication with the elusive organs. The second technique involves thumping the side of the breast plate which trigger the kidney meridians.

    Supplements Suggestions

    Remedies I like to improve my kidney function

    Here are a few remedies which I think are very useful in improving kidney function. Water is essential and getting the right minerals in it whilst assuring assimilation of the hydration into the cells is very important. Tissue salts are very useful and have a profound effect on your body's tissues.

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  • What is 5G?

    Finola interview's a Military Weapons Expert on 5G

    Mark has exceptional knowledge and a colourful background in weapons production.

    5G for it is designed for the battlefield & its deployment may have

    lasting consequences on our health and well being.

    Mark Steele

    Mark came across 5G being used in the street furniture and street lighting & thought there must be some mistake. What he discovered was an Orwellian nightmare in production.



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    John Waters

    Finola speakers with author John Waters on restrictions in Ireland as of July 2020, their effects on humanity and the source of these regime's.





  • How to make your very own manifestation machine

    5G Protection

    A Mike Emery (Physicist) creation

    Physicist Mike Emery showed the world his fantastic machine which creates a bubble of protection around you and your home to protect your from harmful frequencies such as 5G and antenna's etc. It has incredible effects on people's mood's, energy and motivation for life. It is a manifestation machine so your thoughts and intentions are conjured up and amplified out. Simple to make once you have all the ingredients. Here's your 'How to .......' video

    Happy Genie Bubbling

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