• Links to my favourite Products

    Many of you have come for treatments and I've recommended various supports.

    I wish to share these links here to get you there directly.

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    Epigenetics International

    This is my favourite nutrition company by far, they have excellent quality, excellent customer service and use myron glass bottles for their liquids which enhances the energetic qualities of the ingredients. Epigenetics have been very generous with their biochemistry knowledge through seminars and updates on current health concerns. All round quality.

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    This is my second go for products, as I like liquids mostly they have a wider range of liquid nutrition at superior quality. I have visited the production site and the standard of hygiene and quality is extraordinarily high. They also provide biochemistry courses which are masterfully put together. Very highly recommend.

    purebio, nutrition, herbs, vitmains, health products, cosmetics


    Purebio are another high quality company and I use them mostly for herbs, they have a wide variety. They have a really cool range of products and provide from many companies. Also have toiletries, books and cosmetics.

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    Ki Science

    This company has very good quality products, Designed by Dietrich Klinghardt how is very current on modern day health issues. These formula's are particularly good at detoxing aluminium, glyphosate and retro viruses. I personally use these products and delighted with the chewable chlorella and foot spa. There is also a German company that has Dietrich specific products https://www.biopure.eu/us

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    Recently found this website and very impressed with the range of products. Many items that I was looking for and found hard to locate were here in abundance, also they ship all over the world. I like how there search engine works, you can type in your health concern and they will show you possible solutions.

    homeopathy, limerick, herbs, tissue salts

    New Vistas Homeopathy

    Homeopathy healthcare from Limerick. These products are usually in liquid form and have a profound effect on the body. For some homeopathy works better for them than herbs, also horses, dogs and pets get on great with homeopathy. They have beautiful body oils, tissue salts, flowers essences and detox formulas.

    Nutrition, naturopath, healing herbs, minerals, vitamins, quality nutrition

    Nutri Advanced

    Quality nutrition by and incredible research information on health, healing, supplements and nutrition. Always striving to get the most easily absorbed nurtrients at the highest quality. There are online events, advise and a really helpful help line to support clients on their healing journey.

    bach flower remedy, australian bush remedies, flower essence, gem and crystal remedy

    Crystal Herbs

    Fabulous website for bach flower remedies, flower, gem and crystal remedies. Flower Essences for Change, Transformation & Spiritual Growth, helping you to transcend your limitations & discover your true potential. Auric Protection, arch angel connections and inner calm. They have a lovely newsletter and beautiful meditations.

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    5G Bioshield

    5G Bioshield sticks are a technology to protect you from the harmful frequencies of 5G, 4G and other wireless frequencies. 5G is a weaponised frequency of 60mm wave of non-ionising radiation. It was created for the battlefield. This technology comes from Russia, has been tried and tested against radiation and seems to have a very harmonious effect on the energy body of the person. Offers a 6m range protection on your person and up to 40m2 when plugged in. The rezotone has now been upgraded to protect you from spike proteins. Code: ArchAngel

    emf protection, 5g, ppe, protective clothing, grangeville, new world order, the great plan

    Zero Point Energy

    Amazed by the power of this device, wear it all the time, love the energy from it and that which I emanate from wearing it. Feels amazing.

    Neutral Quantum Energy and very affordable.
    Option for parents looking to protect their kids (for example).

    emf protection, 5g, ppe, protective clothing, grangeville, new world order, the great plan

    Tesla BioHealer

    Tesla torrent fields create a very harmonious energy for living in. These coils go underneath your bed directly beneath where you sleep. Replenishes the cells and rejuvenates your body whilst you sleep. Wake feeling rested and refreshed. A very nice bit of kit.

    emf protection, 5g, ppe, protective clothing, grangeville, new world order, the great plan, anti aging, John Baxter, Med Bed, Med Bed technology

    John Baxter Anti Aging Technology


    John has developed the mattress industry into healing med bed technology. Using both Tesla and Wilheim Reich physics (my 2 favourite inventors) to develop the waves of energy required to bring harmonious frequency to the body and healing the cells and easing health issues. Aging is caused by the inability to detoxify, these devises help the body to clear the debris slowing down its functions. Code: Finola5

    emf protection, 5g, ppe, protective clothing, grangeville, new world order, the great plan

    EMF Protective Clothing

    EMF protection is a clever move for anyone who wants health over the coming years. The electro magnetic and ionising frequencies are being turned up and up all the time which has very harmful effects on our cells and genetic make-up. This website has a large range of clothing items, curtains, paints and many other considerations.

    To check if 5G is on in your area this map is a guide


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    Groundology for grounding and earthing yourself. They have bed sheets which earth your body and night time, EMF protecting mats and shoes that keep your connected to the earth. People with high toxic metal in their cells, mercury fillings and very sensitive people feel the EMF radiation strongly.

    emf protection, 5g, ppe, protective clothing, grangeville, new world order, the great plan

    Check if 5G is on near you

    Would you like to know if you are in a 60Ghz frequency, here is a guide. General symptoms are shortness of breathe, weakness, feeling generally unwell, dizziness, light-headedness, feeling fried.

  • Francis Brennan's experience at

    Grangeville Healing

    Click image for link to Irish Examiner story

    Francis Brennan, Alternative Therapy, Irish Examiner, Diabetes, Grangeville Healing, Finola, At your service


    At Your Service

    We opened our guest house with the help of Francis and John Brennan plus the fabulous Waddell Media crew.

    A whirlwind experience and great fun all round.

    We're incredibly grateful to of had the opportunity and support from the boys.

    Francis Brennan, Alternative Therapy, Irish Examiner, Diabetes, Grangeville Healing, Finola, At your service

    At Your Service

    Enjoy the Show :)

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