• Focused Treatment I

    Inner Workings



    Basic Muscle Testing

    Finding cause of symptoms

    Manual techniques to improve body functions


    Viral Testing

    Energy Pathways

    Hormone Pathways


    Detoxification Programme

    Liver, Thyroid, Kidney Support

    Intolerance Testing




    Foods are used to fine tune internal pathways


    Highly recommended for Auto-immune diseases, chronic fatigue, general feelings of being unwell.



    Focused Treatment II




    Treatment focused on an injured body or those with constant back pain.


    Realigning Vertebrae

    Cranial Bone Adjustment (especially used for head injury)

    - Cerebro-spinal fluid movement

    Loosen Hip / Shoulder Joints

    Slipped Discs

    Muscle Relaxation

    Jaw Balance

    Sciatic Nerve

    Gait corrections

    Releasing old injuries

    Memories of Trauma


    A very significant and mechanical correction. Enhances posture.



    Focused Treatment III

    Emotional / Spiritual

    Living your life to your full potential! Are you?


    The subconscious runs 9/10's of the show and we rarely have any clue as to what its up to.

    Limiting belief system stored deep in our unconscious are creating our realities, some are there since the womb or earlier.


    Kinesiology can delete old files and create new ones.

    You can change your perception of memories so that they no longer trigger negative emotions.


    Positive affirmations with tapping tools to enhance your experience of reality.

    Freeing locked away feelings.

  • Healing with Kinesiology

    Imagine you are running the marathon of life and somehow obstacles keep coming up in front of you, blocking your path. Its my job to help you remove these obstacles. Detoxifying your body is where we often start. Cleaning the organs using herbs and minerals. Cleansing your mind of negative thought patterns. A nutrition plan may be organised to omit foods that do not suit and perhaps juicing, something I recommend to everyone whether feeling ill or high performance athletes. Juicing is fantastic for your body.


    People find great improvements from general aches and pains whilst improving vitality and motivation. Stomach issues, kidney problems, thyroid and hormone imbalances, trauma and old injuries also treated. Other qualifications include Dip Anatomy & Physiology, Energy Healing and Massage. My greatest inspiration in life is Leonardo Di Vinci and my mission is to help people get answers to their health problems whilst being a support in getting to where you want to be in life.

  • Influences of this Practice







  • The Pioneers of Kinesiology

    Above are some of the most influencial Kinesiologists that I've had the pleasure of meeting and training with.


    Dr Sheldon Deal, one of the founders of Applied Kinesiology with George Goodheart in the 60's.

    A cool cowboy, with exquisite knowledge and practical research into the working of the body. Received two treatments from Sheldon in February 2018, along with hundreds of Sheldon's advanced procedure techniques.


    Dr Dietrich Klinghardt, a medical doctor, surgeon, homeopath, acupuncturing Kinesiologist.

    Since training in this protocol early 2019 I've returned to the world of energy, light, frequency and colour.

    Light thearpy seems to be one of the most profound methods of healing.


    Chris Ashill Smith, a Master of the biochemical world.

    Have been training with Chris in London several times a year since 2014.

    Chris has phenomenal knowledge of the how the cells work, break down and can be mended once again.


    I've also had the pleasure of training with Dr Alweena Awen and Neurologist Dr Michael Allan in Primitive reflexes. Dr Alison Ashill Smith offers excellent support for Kinesiologists in her extremely informative workshops on detoxification, fats, sugars and general health matters.


  • Reaching your Full Potential

    Be your most energised highest self


    Supporting people getting to where they want to be in life. Detoxifying our body and our mind allows us to move forward with confidence. Energy is required to achieve movement and clarity of thought. Nutritional support and physical adjustments are also part of this practice.


    Help people find answer to their health problems. Explain the basic workings of our body in a logical way.

    When we understand what is happening inside, we can make better choices to restore health. As part of this education program I continually educate myself and keep learning new ways to mend illnesses.

  • 5G Protection Shields

    Carry with you to make a protective shield whilst in radiation fields.

    Plug in to enlarge the range and protect your whole family

    Important equipment 2021


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