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    Ivermectin, Zinc, NAC & Iodine
    Is a really good place to start on healing 2019/2020 issues 😃
    Want to know what it the best supplements to be taking?

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  • Treatments

    Finola is an experienced Systematic Kinesiologist relieving people's health issues for almost 10 years.

    Using manual adjustments for back issues or injuries

    Advising herbal and natural remedies

    Testing for toxins, advising on lifestyle remedies

    Re balancing the body

    Helping alternatives

    An experienced Yogi, Energy Healer, Shamanic practitioner and lover of crystals and healing technologies, many options for your healing journey. Photon Light Therapy is available which has very profound feel good effects.


    Finola integrates the experience of Integrated Energy Therapy with Shamanic healing to clear heavy energies and restore light. IET attunements are available to connect into the higher frequencies connected with Angelic beings. Aura cleansing, chakra balancing, life affirming warmth. These can be done from a distance also.

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