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Where We Go One, We Go All.


This phrase has caught my attention. I am currently in India participating in a multi-style yoga teacher training, also attending Shakti dance Tantra yoga classes on my days off. Enjoying Osho meditations and satsungs with his disciple Samdarshi . Kundalini energy getting super-powered, acknowledging the spiritual path, the maya - the illusion, the law of one; whilst this phrase continually shows up in my consciousness "Where we go one, we go all"

It seems to have stemmed from the 'Q-Anonymous' movement. Insiders of American intelligence agencies and personnel that have a conscience, connection to soul, warriors at presenting truth whilst fighting an internal battle. Apart from the fact that nothing is as it seems and dark energies have been inverting divine nature for eons. There is a wonderful game of 4D chess taking place - the perfect game of good versus dark. We are in an energy flux where old rigid energies are falling and new higher frequencies are upon us. Its painful to say goodbye to what we know, however a better existence awaits us. Alike a snake shedding its skin or a caterpillar metamorphosis into a beautiful butterfly.

We were born into the 3D, the 3rd dimension onto a earth plain that is controlled by 4th dimensional entities and the newer frequencies are taking us into the 5th dimension. All dimensions exists here now however our DNA is only aware of a certain amount. The 4th dimensional entities are strange, mostly extra terrestrial, off planet. They can take a human form however have a soul of another dimension. The Q anon movement is showing us the many wealthy people who have sold there carcase in ceremonies for greater wealth and power. There is a big long list of behaviours this includes including human trafficking, ceremonies, weird sexual stuff, cloning bases, mind control, mass manipulation, control of media, corporations and all sorts of control factors.

Donald Trump who was possibly asked to take the role of president as these agencies were hard at work and required big shifts to occur to rescue humanity from a very bleak outlook. So you have the bad guys poisoning humanity from a thousand different angle's on one side and an awakening of humanity with rising frequencies of awareness on the other. Black square, white square. Very strong duality. The ultimate crusade.

Vedanta teaches that all is an illusion, the only thing real is the unchanging observer behind the thoughts, behind the outer world concepts and structures. As its all a convincing illusion it can all be changed with thought frequency. Seeing the illusion entirely, in vivid colour, every aspect, without any emotional bias, completely immersed - knowing that you are this energy and you can change this energy. Where there is discordant energy outside, there is discordant energy inside. The world is mirroring back your consciousness.

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change" - Wayne Dyer

The more awakened one becomes the more convincing the story, the more insistent of our attention. The story gets more intense, bigger, more dramatic. The way through is knowing who you are. Everyone and everything is a mirror of my divinity, are all God responding to my level of perspective, awareness.

In the Buddhist tradition they say never to say the word 'I'. In the Irish language 'I' is expressed as 'ta me' - the me. When the me breaks through the illusion, the illusion changes. Delores Cannon's description of the back drop people resonates beautifully.

All of these 'bad' guys - who are all God's creations - are players, players in the theatre of life. There doesn't seem to be very much good guys, mind you there doesn't have to be, all the matrix players are good inherently however most humans will lie, cheat and steal in little ways. That's what makes them so easy to manipulate. Yes, I do see how 'When we go One, We go All'. When enlightenment comes, when awakening comes all the matrix is affected.

The yogi's call this life 'unreality', yet when 'the me' is whizzing down the road on a scooter this unreality gets very real - cow's, humans, dogs, monkey's, pigs, potholes, bikes, cars, trucks, everything moving, going, flowing. Its really challenging to know the truth. To know of this unreality as its all so dense and tangible.

Shiva is very powerful energy, through awakening the Shakti feminine kundalini to welcome forth the Shiva masculine energy - realisations come forth. In this feminine - masculine aspect there is no divide nor duality, they are not competing they are embracing. Shakti the energy of mother earth tends the soil to receive the masculine divinity and pulls forth his masculine energy. He adores her strength yet is never threatened for he knows who he is and brings out the sensual feminine aspect of the divine feminine. Different flavour and texture embraced and whole as One.

Where we go One, We go All. All. All inclusive. When you light a match in a dark room the whole room lights up. Some matrix players may opt out as the game goes up in levels. Alike a computer game, they go back to the start get a few more useful tools and are rebirthed in higher consciousness.


Around the time of Hurricane Ophelia and Beast from the East - it felt like the awakening process was going so well and not too disturbed that the game paused while the matrix downloaded lots of new bigger more worthy opponents. Uranium gives the feel of matrix pause. Certainly reawakened my awakening. The Geoengineering program had its downs and acceptances.


This is when you know you are good at the game. Bigger, uglier, more determines illusion opponents to keep you in the game, instilling fear devious tactics, stealth oppression of spirit. Oh matrix, how you try and fail for spirit is the one thing that cannot be contained for its the self that is never changing and always is.


One of the siddhu's - superpower's bestowed upon me in the lifetime is the ability to recognise and remove viruses. An exquisite gift. It was not something I ever thought to look for, it came to me through life experience and the skills of kinesiology. Tracking the initial viruses back to the nephilm, the rest are easy as the root cause is evident. Its a frequency thing. The matrix programme dictates humanity's belief in medical which have 200,000 patents and no cures, not one anti-viral that works. Viruses are used in cloud seeding, weather creation and are being sprayed daily into the skies globally. This observation takes an enormous amount of detachment as a spiritual practice. What is, is. What will be, will be. Total acceptance.


Of course the me wants to help my family who are in the matrix, and clients who are emerging somewhat, some not at all, some how have peeked and didn't like what they saw and the very few who can see.

This is where spiritual selfishness, as a spiritual necessity shines forth. One must - MUST - look after oneself. Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. The way to address every life situation is from a place of strength. Healthy body, mind, spirit. It is a good baseline. Knowing that you are divine and harmony within is the only thing that matters. Being in Joy in every moment is you ticket to freedom. When you can hold joy in every moment you have broken free of the matrix.

When you allow your mind to have an opinion you'll be sucked back into the matrix. It is a great servant, an obedient servant, a poor master.

Using Trump's techniques of visualising only the best possible outcome, imagine the perfect world, the ideal scenario, deciding what freedom is to you, spend your mental energy seeing the most extraordinary world, expansive, pure, compassionate, harmonious, loving, kind. Waste not one more second dwelling on apparent realities and build your own reality, your own perfect nature, a just outcome.

We the People, Where we go One, We go All

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