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Dimensional Gate of Opportunity

2020, the year of the worst pandemic in history.

Death rate zero, the whole place going around looking well.

As pandemics go, it deserves to be fired.

US Patent for Coronavirus Patent (Patent # 10,130,701)

You are, fired!!!

Twenty Twenty is a year to remember.

20/20 is the usually term for clear vision, and I think the rest of this year won’t disappoint in disclosure of truth and raising us into the higher frequencies that these Mayan’s made such a point to let us know about. We are not quite on the bliss side of life yet however we are overdue a good purge of that which no longer serves us. The systems that control the populations are under huge stress and are beginning to crumble right in front of our eyes.

Economy cov ID disease 2020 pandemic

I doubt many saw this coming, and amidst all the terror and fear there have been many positive opportunities for families to get to know one another, spending time connecting with nature and playing board games and cards. Time, the most valuable asset we have is time and going from time deprived to time abundant offers its own positive outcomes for everyone.

We know that if there were a real health issue we wouldn't need to be tested, you would know because we'd all be so sick, and it would be unlikely to carry on throughout the summer months. The Spanish flu post world war one is very different in that the whole of europe was at war, food shortages, dire hygiene, rashens, also terror and fear. Enormous death tolls from war and the entire continent in low morale. It could hardly be held in comparison as we lay comfortably with our netflix binges, phone a dinner or the weeks shopping, free money, all things possible available at the flick of a credit card payment. Very sweet deal as global drama's go.

Amidst all the commotion something strong and powerful brews beneath the surface, under the soil, below the rocks and caverns of the earth deep into the heart of our mother Ériu. A freedom, an essence of divinity, of awakening, ascension, higher frequencies and dimensions. We are one and we are waking up. Life is to be fulfilled, joyful and playful and pure bliss in every moment. The real story is under the earth, The depths that the underground caverns go, the livestock, and the greatest uncovering in history. This crime goes very deep and involves enormous amounts of people. This show is proving to be truly epic!!! And the best is yet to come .......

The cov ID 2019

Created in America, developed in China.

Came in 2019, 19 years after the World Trade Centre also known as a major red flag psy-operation meaning it was intentionally planned and carried out by authority agencies. From the research which I have been doing it would be appear that there was a virus being developed in North Carolina and due to US legislation in regards creation of a deadly viruses came in and the virus moved out to Wuhan, China. Where a further 3.7million was invested by the US government namely Faucci and Obama for further work on the 'bat' virus. This bat virus is said to be a combination of MERS, SARS, N1H1 and Hiv.

It can take years to identify a virus yet within weeks of the alleged Wuhan outbreak the information of its identity and origin were made public. That in itself raises many questions. The Wuhan laboratory also creates large quantities of adrenochrome which is an elixir of youth made from the youth, innocence required extracted via terror. It has a very exclusive clientele, and on a up note for those aware of the adreno lifestyle and all that it entails feel good in knowing exports at that time were all contaminated which will make finding those involved much easier. Blessings amongst the dark clouds. Wuhan is about 100 miles up river from the pacific, the river bed was dredged for it to take large cargo ships. Maersk (walmart) and Evergreen (Hillary Clintons code name) worked from here and are heavily involved in human trafficking offences globally.


How did this virus get all around the world? How did it leave the laboratory or had it left a long time previous and became mass produced. Everything is possible in terms of mass production and China whom take part in a bog way in geoengineering, weather manipulation and also announce it publicly in the newspapers such as having the biggest and best cloud seeding equipment in the world to bring much need rain to Tibet, for example. Could it be on food packaging for another example? We may never know. Did it ever exist at all?

How to laugh out loud

For now these questions go unanswered, however there was something very strange going on the December and for some others in February. Many people I have spoke to had a very strong bout of fatigue around Christmas and some said they had a cough however a strong flu it was described, very hard to shake. This SARS -Cov 2 virus catches onto the ACE2 receptors which was many along the gut. Drinking chlorinated water and eating genetically modified soy turns on the ACE2 receptors. It is noted that asian and black people are also more susceptible.

I feel that there was a strong virus around in December, I think that everyone has it. It is well know that Rhesus negative blood groups rarely feel any symptoms also. My testing and observations is that this virus is in a chronic phase and is affecting the kidneys, the lungs, nervous system, the blood, capillaries and corpuscles. However I have witnessed many strong viruses affect the population and am amazed at how resilient the human immune system is to continually build defences whilst being bombarded by wireless tech and keep going. It is incredible.

The PCR Test

Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a method widely used to rapidly make millions to billions of copies of a specific DNA sample, allowing scientists to take a very small sample of DNA and amplify it to a large enough amount to study in detail. The PCR was invented in 1984 by the American Biochemist Kary Mullis to which he won a Nobel Peace prize for in 1993. It is fundamental to much of genetic testing including analysis of ancient samples of DNA and identification of infectious agents. Using PCR, copies of very small amounts of DNA sequences are exponentially amplified in a series of cycles of temperature changes. According to Mullis himself, PCR cannot be totally and should never be used as a tool in “the diagnosis of infectious diseases.”

General Suggestions

Zinc and vitamin A

For general well being I would recommend taking Vitamin C, D and Zinc on going. A little iodine would also be helpful. Eating good quality food with an emphasis on vegetables, juicing is great. Breathe work, exercise, continual spiritual growth and meditation/yoga/chi time daily.

Yes it is true that this whole restriction game has nothing to do with a virus, the virus was simply the trigger for the NWO agenda implementation and breaking the global economy which was to bring in the new technocratic age of AI and reliance on technology. However luckily for us the human spirit is strong and shall over come. Common sense may be rarer and close to illegal however a few can still critically think and work things out for the themselves. The people advising the governments are not our friends, the UN, EU, NATO etc are all owned by a few eugenicist cannibals. Defilement is their game and its almost up, humans souls are breaking free into the higher dimensions and will now longer require current control systems.

Within each of us is perfection. Absolute perfection. Our DNA has be tampered with aeons ago and it is now that we get to fix this delay in evolution. Within each of us are all things duality and all things in unity.

I had previous mentioned 5G in posts and videos, and had noticed the areas most affected are the same areas with 5G. I have since come across a new point of view from a Charlie Freek video who is convinced 5G has been intercepted by the US Military, it is not on and it will not being going on, instead we have a future of Tesla 432Hz ahead of us which is completely healing. Donald Trump is turning out to be the greatest healer ever on this planet because of the amount of healing that could happen with technology instantaneously is immense. In case you missed it the dark force ruling the earth who have been spraying smart dust and aluminium upon us all for years were going to kill by the billions. It did start and it is was intercepted and and enormous push back to fight, clear there resources and make them come out to the light. Such an epic battle is happening.


Higher dimensions, spiritual awakening, ascension, deeper awareness of life, all these things are happening to the entire planet. This drama will go on for as long as we tolerate it and say no, then the game is up, its already over, although some manifestations are still occurring. Nor will it be over night and the aftermath of disclosure may look similar to a battle field. Nothing is as it seems, the earth is flat, jesus didn't die on the cross - given his many talents not hard to figure this one out), humans are the pinnacle of gods creation and centre of all creation, the vatican turned completely dark and ran most dark corporations, your birth cert makes your alias you a corporation (corp=corpse) which has been traded on the stock exchange since birth, history is totally manipulated to suit, debt is illegal, usary is illegal, income tax is theft. There is a lot about to change as Nesara comes in. Awaiting to see how healthcare will change and I would be expecting frequency. Magnetic energy is free energy and far superior to electricity - never ending.


In the mean time, when it is said there are no 'cures' here are a few I know of.

The likelihood of a Gates vaccine is zero, in my opinion, I think you may find hydroxychloroquine a miracle difference where people with auto immune improve as does many other complaints, orally is taken for 6 days as shown on graph below. Injected may be a one off. If the ingredients of the vaccines were made by good people with good intent it would clean up the healthcare system fast.

Hydroxychloroquine offers remarkable results

Medical Studies on Herbal Remedies

Ending on a High Note

There is a fix for 5G


Cobalt, Vandium Iron2

Magnetism holds the key to free unlimited energy and possibilities beyond our imaginings.

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