Have you ever heard of the Nephilm?

Did you know that giants once roamed the Earth?

Seems a far out notion!

Gullivers travels, Jack & the Beanstalk, The Titans

In today's language - the tech giants, the pharmaceutical giants, corporate giants.

Oh yes, giants are real!

In Biblical terms, they were the very first virus/plague to affect the human consciousness. The most exciting book I've ever read is 'The Book of Enoch' - wrote by Noah's grandfather pre-flood. Its a prelude to Genesis, alike the hobbit is to Lord of the Rings. Although these were monstrous beasts, finding out about their existence has sparked a magic and wonder back into my life. It is the greatest eye opener to life on this planet I've ever known.

In short, as I appreciate the situation to be, an energy known as 'Archon' energy beings (Extra-terrestrial - outside of earth) trespassed into the earth plain which was once pure perfection, an entire garden of Eden. These rogue energy beings defiled the women, whom gave birth to children known as the Nephilm whom grew up to 2 miles high. Big boys!

Defilement is their game - inverting the perfection of the Aeon known as Sophia (according to the Nag Hammadi texts). They showed humans war, how to mine to make metals, antimony make up for the ladies, weapons, violence and harm. Everything that was created these beings mission was to twist it, invert it and mess it all up. All the mortal sins came forth and the infections spread through the human race made in the likeness of our creator.

We've heard of these beings through Greek Mythology - Zeus, Poseidon, Atlas, Helios etc


Finn McCumhaill is our famous Irish giant.

All mythologies have giants.

Less of a myth, more of an observation.

In every way the humans could be defiled these Nephilm did so - twisting, bending, defamation of the beauty and purity of all mankind and animals.

The giants had giant trees / stalks that went way up into the sky and alleged to other dimensions. The Book of Enoch and Nag Hammadi scriptures state that the great flood was to eradicate all of the giants. The giants were petrified. This is where it starts to become real. They are still in our landscapes. Many places on earth with interesting mountainous regions are actually the petrified giants. The big clue other than visually, is they are made of silicon - not carbon. All natural formations are carbon.

The giant trees seem to have been cut down. We have so many here in Ireland, mostly up the North. Ben Bulben Sligo, Cuilcagh Fermanagh, Tory Island, Rathlin Island, Fair Head and Garron Point Antrim and their are several driving along the Antrim and Down coastal roads, some of the most stunning scenery I've ever seen. Once you see the giant trees you can't unsee, the northern coast is exquisite for Nephilm truth finders. They are out of this world.

When you realise what you are looking at - its so obvious. They look exactly like giant trees, that have been cut. One question I do have - where did the trees go? Couldn't imagine the size of them when they fell, unless they went upwards? The chords where recoiled perhaps. The giants were warmongering and sexually perverse to both humans and animals. No doubt they'd be fighting with each other and perhaps wiped some of themselves out.

They also used magic and trickery. The needed the humans and violated the humans. Very like what is happening today, we feel its bad humans, I'd suggested corrupted humans using archon energy.

It occured to me this year that the Indian 'gods' Shiva, Shakti, Hanuman, Saraswati, Krishna, Vishnu are all Nephilm with a lot of party tricks up their sleeves. They loved adornment. Shiva told of all the secrets of the universe and beyond in which the human was never designed to be aware, masters of manipulation. They could shape shift and do magic - the list of their none human talents is endless. The stories are fantastic. I've trained in the Sivananda yogic style and we got a short synopsis of the lineage from the Shiva to the original Yogic Sage Patanjali (three and a half foot high, high man half snake). The story gets very bizarre with beasts that blazed and students that died hearing the forbidden knowledge, then the initiation is thrown in quickly before one asks the question 'What the actual f*%k did you just say I'm being initiated into?'


Mostly the yogi's I met don't actually really believe these stories, some do however doubt many realise its nephilm blight they are celebrating. One alleged enlightened being I met did get it, a disciple of Osho called Samdarshi. Yoga is general is based on a war scene from the Bhagavad Gita. People who follow these traditions tend to be completely peace loving, empowered and connected to the universal source. These archons appeared to be peace loving unlike the scottish baby eating giants and the greek gods at constant war. I don't know that they are all good or all bad, all I know is they were uninvited trespassers.

Mountains have taken a new form to my eyes. Also ravines, lakes and canyons - alike the Grand Canyon, a giants quarry. It also omits the relevance of carbon dating, for that's the gold standard of dating - what about silicon dating. These geologists and archaeologists have read the books and do as they are told - their system is inadequate as these beings are non organic matter. Its very clear to me that this is where dinosaurs came from, the original animals were defiled and turned into war play things. I suggest dinosaurs were pre flood, about 5000 years ago.

Travelling the world, the ancient sites are usually clouded over with stories of mystery and awe at how the slaves built impossible monuments that could not be done today for their kings. Now add giants into the mystery and a lot of pieces of the jigsaw magically slot in.

The giants were petrified and souls sent into the underworlds. Descendents did live on as were once exhibited in museums all over the world prior to early 1900's. At this point the Smithsonian Institute gathered them up and stored them underneath the Vatican. The Vatican, for the record, is 100% Nephilm energy - defiling humans, working in secret covert operations, ceremonies of questionable underworldly stuff, control, power, domination.

Jordan in Petra have amazing temples for giants. As time went by the giants continually decreased in height. a 36 foot giant skeleton remains in an Argentinian Museum, more commonly shown are the 14ft giants which are worldwide. The Atlantean race were said to be this height also.

Noah had immense faith and connection to his creator, heard the messages, built his Arc and sailed above the floods, landing on a height on Mount Ararat. I'd be thinking this would be a good time for an Ice Age, since the place is covered with water anyway. Seems straight forward to me. Around the equator is warmest and likely to be where the ice melted first. Either way, the bible picks up the story from here, in and around the Babylonion area of Iraq, Israel, Egypt, Syria, Jordan etc.

Adam and Eve, I believe were tested to see if they had been corrupted, they had. We all had the Ego infection, the illusion of separation from source. The me, me, me was born. Note: In the Irish language the word 'me' does not exist, Tá mé - The me. Dia dhuit, is hello or directly I see God in you. Beautiful.

The Archons pulled us off course and defiled our pure nature. Genesis 6:4 "The Nephilim were on the earth in those days—and also afterward—when the sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown." I've attempted to read Genesis and have got as far as 12 as the concepts are so huge, experiencing them in real time is such a trip. I had no idea it is such a good book. The size of it and I've only gone 2 pages in and my entire paradigm has completely changed. Excellent.

I've often dipped into to random sections and wonder what all the god's rath and vengence was all about, this is not god, these are the nephilm. The God I relate to is in the book of Enoch, this is the real god to me. The words are very strong, however God never kills any of them, he creates the underworld to put them in. This God is compassionate, in constant creation, all the time giving, loving, forgiving - never destroys or takes away. If you are ever in moral doubt in any situation, gods way is creative and knows not of destruction.

It is so beautiful to have been touched by Enoch's words for this energy is applicable in my own life daily. When in creative flow, I am co-creating with God, when being destructive, wanting to take from - this is something else. I'm on Gods team. We is One


Many excellent pieces of information for our existence are laid out here, the exactitudes of the sun, the moon, the layout of the earth plain, the sea levels and all have commands which they must obey. This ought to help those being manipulated by climate change hoaxers feel safe for sea levels cannot rise, they obey their master and are in complete service.

So how is this relevant today?

Although the nephilm no longer physically be on the earth - energetically they are as alive today as they were 5000 years ago. Corporations, governments and secret societies depend on defilement, war and abuses to exist. They need to suck the soul out of purity to stay alive.


Corporates - Silicon valley, tech giants, AI, geoengineering, 5G, transhumanism, big pharma poisons, etc are 100% Nephilm energy. The tech giants are pushing military technology called 5G, seriously harmful frequencies - death energy, spying covertly, pushing it to be law, molesting the human race. The archon energy is so jealous of human perfection, trying to destroy it all the time. We are superior in every way, humans made by god - beautiful.


Governments - bureaucracy, political correctness, sodomising genders, vaccines, taxation, laws and regulations, usury - 100% Nephilm energy. Right now the governments take 7/8's of your wages back in taxes (income tax being illegal). Politicians can never be righteous as they have to be corrupted to get into the system and become more and more bent the longer they are sitting in office, partially through hidden manipulation, more so because its the design. Current tool of fear is climate change, which is manufactured, close the US military and its fixed in a week, Too much carbon, grow more trees - oh wait 5G can't go through trees, cut all the trees and charge a tax for doing it. So nephilmic

Secret Societies - paedophiles, controllers, banking systems, clones, psyops, fear dialogues, general mass manipulations. Pushing constantly for destruction, mass slavery, hierarchy, controlling money energy, weather, music, movies, every hand available to manipulate is used - 100% Nephilm Energy

Any force that acts like David and Goliath pushing you away from Gods original plan is of this energy. Today's descendants are thought to have rhesus negative bloodlines.

This knowledge I feel is very important. Its crucial. The words illuminati, cabal, new world order, the 1%, the 13 wealthiest families families, sabbatian frankists are usually the ones having the fingers pointed at them for infiltrating the world governments, owning all the biggest companies, being really destructive, mining relentlessly, drilling into the earth and sucking her dry, pumping, making plastics, selling ugly in the beauty industry using symbolism to manipulate and control on and on it goes. I'm suggesting not to be blaming other humans, the force is bigger and we are brothers and sisters. Duality and seperation is an illusion caused by this virus, we are one - Unity is strength. "Forgive them father for they know not what they do" Jesus. Jesus also was a fan of the Book of Enoch and quoted it many times. Thank you brother, we still have the same issues bro. Lets return the archon energy to sender. Lets break ties and renounce this energy in the name of our creator.


"If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle." ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

What do we do?

- The Golden Age Era awaits us

- The 5th Dimension is here now, yet we're stuck in this matrix

- Raising our own frequency, essential

- Open our hearts to others with compassion and humility

- Show empathy, be willing to feel

- Speak with and connect to the universal creator

- Be true to your word

- More innocence, purity, playtime

- Heal your wounds and embrace forgiveness

- Cut chords with the nephilm and that which does not serve you

- Gratitude for every moment

- Let go of the illusion of Authority

- Help to raise the leylines and connect with Christ consciousness

- Love energy overcomes all. Be determined to Love. Love your friends, your neighbours, your enemies, Love your family and hardest of all, Love you!

- Be so strong in virtue and commitment to divine source that nothing could distract you for even a moment.

- Realise the unity of all, we are interconnected, no one is separate to you, we are all in God

- There is a virus in the system, its been there a few thousand years, however its being extracted now. Help your body and beingness with antiviral herbs. Strip out all viruses.

- Remember who you really are. Remember to remember.

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