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Missing! - The Arc of the Earth

For thousands of years the earth plain was flat. All the ancient tombs and places of worship have been built with immacualte precision in line with the constellations that to this day have never moved. Ancient texts such as the Book Of Enoch give incredible detail of the shape and rythmns of the earth plain.

Can you imagine living on an earth plain, held up on pillars staying stationary. Sounds crazy???

Whilst spinning on a ball at 1,000 miles per hour, whirling around the sun at 67,000 miles per hour whilst flying through space at 490,000 miles per hour sounds normal.

Whats the answer? Research!

Have you ever calculated the distance the earth drops at, or another way of putting this, do you know how far away something has to be to see the curve of the earth. This just might astonish you. The first time I heard the term flat earth a few years ago, it instantly struck a chord with me. A memory of being in a friends house as a kid and being able to see Wales with a telescope on a clear day came back to mind. From Uisneach in West Meath its possible to see 26 counties of Ireland, on a curved ball you'd be looking at a curve.

Every flight I've ever taken - each time - I have only ever seen a flat horizontal horizon. My own experience has always been a flat plain. Water finds its own level. Sea Level Water can't cling to a ball.

Here's the math.

Every 1 mile the earth ought to drop 8". Using current maths and geometry. Every miles thereafter is squared. Therefore

2miles.sq x 8" = 32"

3miles.sq x 8" = 72"

4miles.sq x 8" = 128" and on and on it goes.

Using this common math formula and suggesting Wales to be in or around 100 miles away

100 x 100 x 8 = 80,000 inches which is 6666.66 ft. Can you imagine. On a globe earth, from Ireland Wales is 6666ft below the horizon.

Here is a globe earth calculator if you have any views in mind. Hill walkers may find this incredibly interesting. On a Summers day you can see for miles from the top of any mountain or hill. Did you know most of those far away things ought to be below the horizon.

OMG! Will we fall off the earth? Nope we are surrounded by Antartica, a 300ft wall of ice with worlds beneath.

What about all the photo's? Can you find 1 photo of earth from space? Google shows 3D images, thousands of them. All computer generated, check it out. Seek out a photo from space!!

Can the sea grip onto the round earth or is it really 'Sea Level'?

Do people is Australia really walk around upside down?

Have you noticed that the constilations in the stars have never changed in thousands of years?

If stars and millions of light years away, how can shooting stars be?

There are thousands of examples and questions that follow such a notion.

All I can say to you is RESEARCH. Research everything. Question everything.

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