• A Sanctuary for Healing

    Grangeville Guest House, Fethard on Sea,

    New Ross, Wexford, Ireland Y34 N732

    52°194 N, 006°837 W

    087 364 1540

  • Mission

    "Go confidently in the directions of your dreams,

    and live the life you have always imagined"


    Help people find answer to their health problems. Explain the basic workings of our body in a logical way.

    When we understand what is happening inside, we can make better choices to restore health. As part of this education program I continually educate myself and keep learning new ways to mend illnesses.


    Supporting people getting to where they want to be in life. Detoxifying our body and our mind allows us to move forward with confidence. Energy is required to achieve movement and clarity of thought. Nutritional support and physical adjustments are also part of this practice.

  • Appointments Available

    Tuesday - Friday

    087 364 1540

  • First Appointment

    Discuss symptoms


    Figure out cause of problem


    Clean body internally


    Plan a course to elimate viruses and toxins, using herbs and minerals


    Alignment of spine (Gentle - great for back ache)

    Second Appointment

    Analyse changes


    Kinesiology techniques to assist the workings of your body


    Food sensitivity testing

    Addressing Digestive issues


    Plan nutritional path

    Third Appointment

    Usually vast improvements


    Fine tuning


    Checking pathways such as hormone, neuro transmitter, oxygen pathways


    Balancing glands of the brain


    Mineral / Vitamin levels checked

    Focused Treatment I


    Indepth Bio-Chemistry anaylsis


    Herbs/Vitamins/Minerals/Foods are used to fine tune internal pathways

    - Toxicity Testing

    - Addressing Deficiencies

    - Food Conversion to Energy Pathway

    - Oxygen Pathway / Hypoxia detection

    - Hormone Pathways

    - Liver, Thyroid, Kidney Pathway

    - Neuro-transmitter Movement


    Highly recommended for Auto-immune diseases, chronic fatigue, feelings of being unwell



    Focused Treatment II


    Treatment focused on an injured body or those with constant back pain.


    Realigning Spine

    Cranial Bone Adjustment (especially used for impacted skull)

    - Cerebro-spinal fluid movement

    Reset Sacrum Position

    Slipped Discs

    Muscle Reset

    Jaw Balance

    Gait corrections

    Releasing old injuries

    Memories of Trauma


    A very significant and mechanical correction. Enhances posture.



    Focused Treatment III


    Limiting belief system stored deep in our subconscious are still creating our realities, some are there since you were 3 years of age.


    Kinesiology can delete old files and create new ones.

    You can change your perception of memories so that they no longer trigger negative emotions.


    Positive affirmations can be programmed instantly.

    Release locked away feelings


    Bach Flower remedies also used to create calm on the central nervous system.


  • Healing with Kinesiology

    Imagine you are running the marathon of life and somehow obstacles keep coming up in front of you, blocking your path. Its my job to help you remove these obstacles. Detoxifying your body is where we often start. Cleaning the organs using herbs and minerals. Cleansing your mind of negative thought patterns. A nutrition plan may be organised to omit foods that do not suit and perhaps juicing, something I recommend to everyone whether feeling ill or high performance athletes. Juicing is fantastic for your body.


    People find great improvements from general aches and pains whilst improving vitality and motivation. Stomach issues, kidney problems, thyroid and hormone imbalances, trauma and old injuries also treated. Other qualifications include Dip Anatomy & Physiology, Energy Healing and Massage. My greatest inspiration in life is Leonardo Di Vinci and my mission is to help people get answers to their health problems whilst being a support in getting to where you want to be in life.


    Returning in March 2019


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  • Kinesiology for Kids

    Help your Kids Reach Their Full Potential

    Kids Treatments

    I see kids of all ages.

    A range of typical symptoms would be:


    - continuous coughing

    - not sleeping well

    - skin irritations

    - sore stomach

    - constipation



    Another aspect of Kinesiology is helping concentration and learning ability. Creative kids are usually right brain dominant with incredible thought capacity - find what they are good at and they will already be brilliant.

  • Suggested Reading / Research

    Some of the texts that have helped me along my journey

    Louise Hay

    You can heal your life

    This book was incredibly significant in my own healing journey. Walking into a book store and this book falling from the shelf infront of me. It really is magic.

    Louise has moulded together a wealth of information on how we think and how it affects our experience. The beautiful part is she also gives solutions, using affirmations to counteract the harmful frequency creating disharmony in your life.

    A wonderful insight into the Metaphysical world and the power of the mind in healing.

    Donna Eden

    Energy medicine

    A hugely inspiring woman and the book is absolutely packed with information about how our electrical field works. Its very indepth. It moved in backpack several times around Toronto with me never willing to part with it and yet not really knowing how to read it. Upon getting started into the Kinesiology Diploma I realised she was explaining Kinesiology. Finally got it.

    Here is the workbook version which wasn't available then, very useful tool book. Delighted to have met Donna and Dondi in Dublin 2016.

    Caroline Myss

    anatomy of the spirit

    In a search to understand chakra's I found most descriptions were more or less a copy of the one before. Caroline Myss gives a profound description of the meaningfulness of the chakras and the necessity of our nature the celebrate each stage of development. Fabulous read and also available on audio cd, some real 'a-ha' moments reading this one.

    Rhonda Byrne

    The secret

    Rhonda is a genius and deserves every success for collecting these manifesting toolstogether in one place, presented skillfully and artfully. Have read this book many many times. Always park right outside the door, traffic lights are more often than not in my favour. This is the gateway drug to the bigger manifestation world. A must read. Also love the second book called 'The Power', felt it was more down to earth and do-able with less ego.

    Sheldon Deal

    new life through nutrition

    Printed in the 1970's Sheldon Deal is one of the fathers of Applied Kinesiology. Years of research with the use of muscle testing and fabulous information on vitamins and how they affect your body. Every sentence is loaded. Humurous and fast paced. Your head starts looking like the lady in the picture :)


    Currently reading, savouring every word.

    Peter Green and Rory Jones

    celiac disease - a hidden epidemic

    Discovered at 26 that I have wheat is not my friend. Heartbroken, I went to work at figuring out how to fix this issue. I found a lot of repetitive fluffy doctor talk and recipe's in the search to understand what was happening inside my body when gluten went in. This book was the first and only book the describe exactly what happens and how the auto-immune response occurs. Its the best explaination I have seen and gave me the information I required to make informed descisions.

    David Wilcock

    the source field investigation

    The scientific part of my brain really enjoyed this collection of experiments and findings of scientists figuring out the source field. I enjoy Davids' frequency. Incredible Empath. His more recent book 'The Ascension Mysteries' has some fascinating info. The Awakening is upon us and its such a crucial time in existence, As the paradigm is changing and the higher dimension gates open. Exciting times.

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