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ATTC Training Bahamas

Microcosm / Macrocosm

Looking out the window from our country home in Ireland, in every sense the Bahamas are a world away. Tá sé ag sneachta anois. Whoo Hoo!! Love at bit of snow as you can probably tell after living in Canada & Scotland, holidaying in Russia - I'm a Northern Hemisphere kind of gal.

However, not this January. Low Vitamin D season = vulnerable immune system season. Sunshine is the only prescription. It was when living in Canada I saw people travelling south to the sun for Winter and it made sense. So might as well be doing something useful whiilst there. I choose yoga.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Bahamas

Firstly please allow me to tell you how I came to be in the Bahamas.

14 years ago, on a vision board, I had a picture of an Indian guy teaching yoga on a platform outdoors to many people in an orderly scene.

6 years ago whilst learning Kinesiology a girl on the course had come straight back from a ttc yoga course in Neyyar Dam, India. She was glowing. I was going, and a few months later I did. Upon walking into the recpetion area of the Ashram in India, I saw the same picture that was on my vision board - Vishnu Devananda, in the Bahamas.

I took 5 more years and I was there.

Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

Pranyama - Loved it! Up at 4.30am every morning for various breathing techniques to get the prana energy moving. There are lots of breathe retention and I meditate best in that place. New appreciation for its power in healing and awakening naddhi's (energy nodes).

Vegan / Vegetarian Food - Delish! I ccould eat it forever if some one or many were to be cooking it. So nice to have such a variety of tastes and flavours made with veg and herbs. Being gluten free there were days that the food wasn't ideal and I'd literally eat water soup over rice. However I did have a back up plan. Organic Olive oil 3 dessertspoons 3 times a days. Oil is a bril source of energy and reduces appetite. Having good energy was important for the intense regime. The idea of an ashram is to keep you busy all the time. Didn't miss meat at all however did miss the Barry's tea.

Yoga - Born Yogi! Sure would be happy if I had not one thing better to be doing in this world only living yoga. This month was nice for me to switch off from instructor and be lead into the depths of Hatha Yoga. As its a 4 week course I paced myself for the long haul, the class was graduated also. Each week we'd do more advanced poses and holding poses longer. Restorative yoga and yoga nidra's are very pleasant, passive yoga meditations that really appeal to me and inspire me to get a move on getting this yoga studio opened. Its on the vision board.

Here's the Schedule

- 4.30am Wake Up
- 5.00am Pranyama
- 6.00am Satsung (Meditation, Chanting, Lectue)
- 7.45am Asanas Yoga Class
- 9.00am Advanced Anatomy & Physiology
-10.00am Brunch - Vegetarian
-11.00am Paddle in the water (not on itinery)
-12.00pm Raja Yoga / Sanskrit
- 2.00pm Vedanta Philiosophy
- 4.00pm Asanas / Advanced Yoga
- 6.00pm Dinner
-6.45 pm Karma Yoga 
- 8.00pm Satsung
-10.00pm LIghts out

Yoga Buddies Amy and Tami

This was the back garden :)

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