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  • Mission

    "Go confidently in the directions of your dreams,

    and live the life you have always imagined"


    Help people find answer to their health problems. Explain the basic workings of our body in a logical way.

    When we understand what is happening inside, we can make better choices to restore health. As part of this education program I continually educate myself and keep learning new ways to mend illnesses.


    Supporting people getting to where they want to be in life. Detoxifying our body and our mind allows us to move forward with confidence. Energy is required to achieve movement and clarity of thought. Nutritional support and physical adjustments are also part of this practice.

  • Find your Treatment

    Let the results speak for themselves.


    The Art of rebalancing the human body. Kinesiology is my personal favourite treatment. Packed with information, bio-chemistry, physical adjustments and most importantly . . .answers!


    Suggested for:

    All long term pain / discomfort

    Aches and Pains

    Performing Athletes


    Most common ailments:

    Low Energy

    Back Pains

    Spinal / Head injuries

    Energy Healing

    Profound and Powerful

    Energy Healing calms your nervous systems, clears heavy energy and promotes health. Can be a very spiritual practice, who's effects echo through your entire being.


    Suggested for:

    Trauma / Victimhood

    Mental / Emotional Stress

    Energy sensitive people


    Most common ailments:

    Heart broken

    Seeking clarity

    Low Energy


    Kinesio - Massage

    Kinesio-Massage is a combination of Sports Massage techniques with Kinesiology Lymphatic points all along the spine. Great for relieving muscle tension and flushing organs with nourishment.


    Indian Head Massage is a deeply calming treatment that offers health benefits for our whole body. Can be done in conjunction with Hopi Ear Candles / Back Massage.


    Suggested for:


    Relieving Tension

  • Hatha Yoga in Ramsgrange SWWFRC

    Monday evenings 7.30pm

  • Kinesiology Structure

    First Appointment

    Discuss symptoms

    Medical History

    Address problem areas

    Looks for bio-chemistry markers

    Detoxifying programme



    Second Appointment

    Analyse changes

    Address problem areas

    Structural Adjustments if required

    - realigning vertebrae

    - realigning cranial bones

    Opening valves on digestive tract

    Muscle rebalancing of torso area

    Third Appointment

    Discuss progress

    Focus on Hormone Pathways

    Possible reset of Hormone System

    Balancing glands of the brain

    Neuro-transmitter pathways


    Mineral / Vitamin levels checked

    Focused Treatment I


    Indepth Bio-Chemistry anaylsis


    Herbs/Vitamins/Minerals/Foods are used to fine tune internal pathways

    - Toxicity Testing

    - Addressing Deficiencies

    - Food Conversion to Energy Pathway

    - Oxygen Pathway / Hypoxia detection

    - Hormone Pathways

    - Neuro-transmitter Movement


    Highly recommended for Auto-immune diseases, chronic fatigue, feelings of being unwell


    Follow up treatments can be done in half hour appointments (Bio-Chem only)

    Focused Treatment II


    Treatment focused on an injured body or those with constant back pain.


    Realigning Spine

    Cranial Bone Adjustment (especially used for impacted skull)

    - Cerebro-spinal fluid movement

    Reset Sacrum Position

    Slipped Discs

    Muscle Reset


    Gait corrections

    Releasing old injuries

    Memories of Trauma


    A very significant and mechanical correction. Enhances posture.



    Focused Treatment III


    Limiting belief system stored deep in our subconscious are still creating our realities, some are there since you were 3 years of age.


    Kinesiology can delete old files and create new ones.

    You can change your perception of memories so that they no longer trigger negative emotions.


    Positive affirmations can be programmed instantly.

    Release locked away feelings



    Bach Flower remedies also used to create calm on the central nervous system.


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  • Kinesiology for Kids

    Help your Kids Reach Their Full Potential

    Kids Treatments

    I see kids of all ages.


    A range of typical symptoms would be:

    - continuous coughing

    - not sleeping well

    - skin irritations

    - sore stomach

    - constipation


    Another aspect of Kinesiology is helping concentration and learning ability.


    I have particular interest in working with kids with learning difficulties and dyslexia. These kids are usually right brain dominant with incredible thought capacity - find what they are good at and they will already be brilliant.


    Appointments are often 30minutes.



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